Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop Accepting Sign Ups!

I've never participated in a Blog Hop, but I L-O-V-E entering them. I get the chance to win cool prizes, and I discover some really sweet new blogs to read! I've been looking around for a cool hop to join - and I found it! The Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop!!!

-Spring Buzz Giveaway Hop is brought to you by Just Married with Coupons & Sweep Tight
-The Grand Prize and referral prizes are sponsored by BeeSavy.
-The Giveaway Hop will take place March 21 – 27
-The minimum value of each package will be $25.
-You can divide into as many prize packages as you would like as long as the min. value is still $25
-You can also always sponsor your own giveaway, as long as its valued at $25 or more.

Find out all of the details, and sign up here: http://www.justmarriedwithcoupons.com/2012/01/spring-buzz-giveaway-hop-blogger-sign-ups.html

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 is off to a GREAT start!

I'm hoping to post links to some of the great sweepstakes and giveaways I enter on here.  I'd really like to have this blog serve as a guide to others who are hoping to be big ol' winners like me!

I must say that my insomnia comes in VERY handy when it comes to having the time to enter all of these different contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways!  January has really been fantastic in terms of winning some really cool things, including my first big win - a trip to Huntington Beach, California from the TNT Armchair Detective Sweepstakes!!

Here are my wins (in the order I found out about them)

  1. $10 Plum District Gift Card
  2. Snapsac Super Tote
  3. Meaningful Jewelry Bracelet by Mary Margrill
  4. They Stood Alone – Autographed Book
  5. Entemann’s Cookie Tin
  6. Prevention December 2011 Sweeps – This looks to be some sort of body fitness monitor thing
  7. TNT Armchair Detective – Trip to California!!!
  8. Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea
  9. $100 ShanaLogic Gift Card
  10. My Memories Suite Software (two of these, gave one to my sister)
  11. $10 Visa Gift Card
  12. 2 Movie Passes to see Sherlock Holmes
  13. Zero Water Filtration Pitcher, with additional 2 filters
  14. Contigo Addison Water Bottle
  15. Perfect Energy Vitamins
  16. Monkey Balm
  17. $25 Amazon Gift Card
  18. I Loved You First by Reena Jacobs
  19. The One year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy
  20. Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for Pets
  21. ShaToBu Body Shaper
  22. Aveda Relief Kit
  23. Bresh Tooth Brushes
  24. The Gaia Wars, and the Battle for Cascadia (both autographed)
  25. ChuChi Night Light
  26. St. Ives Body Lotion Prize Pack from Women’s Day
  27. $10 Amazon Gift Card
  28. Sing4: The Hits Edition for Wii, with Microphone
  29. BabyCakes Cook Book
  30. $20 Amazon Gift Card
  31. Greenleaf Potpourri
  32. M&Ms
  33. Blue Wooden Bead Bracelet
  34. Better Home and Gardens Magazine Subscription
  35. Light Affection Night Light

Friday, January 13, 2012

What a week!

I really feel blessed with all of my great wins lately.  The big deal is, of course, the California trip - that pretty much eclipses everything else, but honestly, I've had some incredible wins in the past week:

  1. A tin of Entemann's Cookies - I have no idea where they came from - but I'll tell you - they were delicious - these were just a pleasant surprise that came via FedEx.  What made them especially nice was that I was pretty much bed-ridden this past weekend because of my back issues.
  2. Some sort of fitness monitor from Prevention's December 2011 Sweepstake - I won't know until it arrives, but it's one of two which range in price from $100 - $150.
  3. Trip to California from TNT Armchair Detective sweepstake, taking my best girlfriend, and prepared to totally be blessed out the whole time! 
  4. The Book Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea won this from Sugarpeach's blog
  5. Won a $100 gift card to Shanalogic.com from Kaboodle in their wish-a-day sweepstake
  6. Won My Memories Suite software from Smiley Boy Knows Best blog (I've really been wanting to get into digital scrapbooking, so this will be fun to play with!)
  7. $10 Visa gift card from a Camel Snus instant win waaaaaaaaaay back in the summer
  8. 2 Movie Passes to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie - going with  my friend Heather :)
  9. Really cool gift package from No Ordinary Aunt - check it out here
  10. A container of Monkey Balm from Tammilee Tip's Blog
  11. A really cool prize package from Books R Us blog - check it out here
  12. A container of Coconut Oil for Pets from Featured Product Reviews (hopefully this will help my cats' dry skin during this forced air heat season!)
  13. A ShaToBu shaper from Giveaway Madness Blog (especially after my holiday eating habits, this will come in handy!)
  14. An Aveda Relief Kit (creams for hands and feet) from Natural Hair Latina Blog
So, agreed, was this an amazing week or what!?!?!?!?!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Remember when it wasn't cold?

There's still virtually no snow on the ground here in Maine, but it's quite chilly.  I decided I needed a few little reminders of the beauty that is spring and summer here!!
So - here are some pictures I took of springtime in Maine!

Wow - What a week!

I hurt my back a couple of years ago (playing frisbee of all things - I guess I twisted just a little too hard), and recently it's been acting up in a nasty way.  Because of how bad it'd gotten, I was home from work on  Thursday and Friday of last week.  Friday, I slept in and woke up to the sound of my cell ringing. I answered it, and lo and behold, it was a gentleman from TNT, telling me I was a prize winner in the TNT Armchair Detective Sweepstakes letting me know that I won a trip for two to Sunny California next month! I'm bringing my best friend, whose birthday is the week of the trip, and who is also going through a pretty nasty divorce at the moment - she started crying when she heard the news!

So, I'm a pretty darn happy camper.  But it doesn't stop there, I've also won the Prevention Magazine December 2011 Sweepstake, and won a $100 gift card from the Kaboodle Gift-a-Day contest, as well as some blog wins (which I will detail in a later post).

I just wanted to share my exciting news.  I'm gong to CALIFORNIA!!!!!