Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sorry Sorry! Here's a list!

Okay, I have been pretty lame in the whole listing my wins regard, so - I'm going to do what I can here!!

In the past month(ish), I've won:
$20 gift card to Sears
"David's Birthday" dvd
$50 Gift Card to http://www.sweet-meats.com/
A commemorative bottle of sparkling grape juice
A dozen cookies from Dancing Deer Bakery Company
"Labyrinth's Door" Book
"What My Best Friend Did" Book
$250 Travel Voucher
Roommates Wall Decals
Bitter Baking Company Cookies
$20 iTunes gift card
2 free FlingBins
3 Bags of Hall's cough drops
Armchair Football Game

Not too shabby, right?